Learn & Earn Program  

3 x 8 module online courses with VIP private lessons, fast-tracking your learning experience while earning crypto.

A gift that could change a life.

So here’s the deal. If you want to ….

Save time

Don’t waste time surfing the web looking for creditable information. We’ve compiled all the basics they need to know in one place to fast-track their learning experience. 

Protect your money

Avoid making the typical mistakes beginners make, that cost them money.  Learn how to identify scams, what exchanges are safe and understand what projects are creditable. 

Make high quality decisions

In order to make the right choice when it comes to investing you have to obtain the right knowledge. Understanding the basics is crtical to making educated decisions. 

Keep safe online

Cyber crimes are increasing every year, learn some simple steps to help protect them from online attacks.

Protect your digital assets

Keep investments secure; it’s important to know how to keep them safe to protect them from scammers.

Explore career opportunities in crypto

The crypto and blockchain industry is booming, and the demand for qualifed professional is growing rapidly. Future proof their careers and upskill in the emerging tech.

I’ve got you…


Step 1: Register Today

Step 2: Complete Action Steps

Step 3: Finish Course Curriculum

Step 4: Book Live Consultation*

Step 5: *Redeem your $50 crypto credit


*Completed steps 1-3 to book 30 min private lesson and redeem $50 in crypto. **Australia only offer, must have a verified account with Digital Surge to redeem $50 Crypto credit.

I thought I was smart enough…

to learn it on my own and then I lost thousands of dollars and invested many months of my time learning what I need to know to make high-quality decisions.

I didn’t have much money at the time but wanted to start speculating in the crypto market. I could have saved myself time and money if there was someone to teach me the basics to accelerate my learning curve.  I can save you time and money from making the same mistakes I did.

I have been in the crypto scene since 2017 and sat on the sidelines until 2019 when I decided to go all-in on building a career in blockchain.  Now I am a certified trainer and assessor for the advanced diploma of applied blockchain and the chairperson of All Things Blockchain, a non-profit association that provides educational and networking events.

There are unlimited amounts of knowledge you can learn about the digital asset ecosystem and can feel overwhelming at the start. All the information you need is available at your fingertips, but often you don’t know what you need to know to save you from making bad decisions with your money.

I am here to help you navigate your way through learning the basics of earning cryptocurrency while you do it!!

Book discovery session with danielle marie

You will get …

A roadmap of what to learn, including the following:

3 x Courses for beginners

3 x 8 module course delivered through our friendly learning management system that will teach you all the necessary basics to get started in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. 

Private Consultation

Once you complete the course curriculum you get a 30 min private consultation to ask any questions they have and gain clarity on their next steps.

Earn $50 in Crypto Credits*

Upon completion of the program, you will recieve $50 in crypto credits to purchase the crypto of choice.

6 x Months Unlimited Access

Unlimited access to the online learning management system.

Popular Terms to Know PDF

Learning the language of crypto is important, this downloadable PDF will provide you with the must know terms.

Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge

Each lesson has review sections to test their learnings. Prior to their private lesson, they will be required to complete  a questionnaire to ensure they get maximum value from the session.

Crypto Basics Course 

Who invented Bitcoin and Why

Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Overview of Blockchain Technology

Concept of Crypto Mining

What are Altcoins

Learn what ICO's are

What Tokens

Understand Differences Between Cryptos

Crypto Foundations 

7 Mistakes Beginners Make

What is Money

How does Bitcoin work

Investing in Cryptocurrency

Buying Cryptocurrency

How to Keep your Crypto Safe

Online Security

Investing Mindset

Blockchain Basics Course

Future of Technology

Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain Use Cases

Bonus Lesson

Blockchain Explained

Types of Blockchain

Careers in Blockchain

Next Steps

What Clients Say

“Easy to understand”

Danielle’s information is easily understood & offered in a logical, progressive flow. No off-putting jargon or confusing technical terminology. A great place to start for basic crypto knowledge & gaining confidence to take action in the crypto space. Thank you for sharing your expertise and your exchange platform experiences & recommendation of Digital Surge. The security section was extremely helpful.


Sydney, Australia

“Was great connecting with other ladies”

I enjoyed learning about crypto with Danielle during her course. I especially liked the Q & A at the end of every class where you could ask any questions that you had. If you’re new to crypto or want to learn more about it, check out Danielle’s course.

Kim S

Vancouver, Canada

“A great guideline to Investing in Crypto”

“Danielle’s course was very concise, succinctly explained and to the point. I learned a lot as I am a relative beginner to the crypto world, and needed some guidance with regard to cryptocurrency investing and security. I am far more aware now of the some of the potential pitfalls of investing in cryptocurrencies and was guided in the right direction with regard to the importance of having a solid plan and sticking to it when investing. 

Carolyn Graham

Sunshine Coast, Australia


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