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Learn the Basics

Are you ready to take control and learn about the fast-growing world of digital assets?

The blockchain basics course is the perfect way to get started. The FREE courses will give you the opportunity to explore the blockchain revolution and give you a personal road map to learning how emerging technologies are changing the way we do business and transfer value. 

Stop thinking about it and just do it!

Crypto Basics

Blockchain Basics Will Teach You:

The future of Web 3.0

What blockchain technology is

Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain vs Cryptocurrency

How businesses are leveraging blockchain

What are smart contracts

Crypto Basics Will Teach You:

Who invented Bitcoin and Why

Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum

What are Altcoins

Learn what are ICO's

Discover what tokens are and how they work

Understand differences between cryptos

Earn & Learn

Are you an action taker?

Ready to jump-start your learning curve?

Want to earn some cryptocurrency?

Let’s get started, sign up to the earn and learn program today to get started.

Social Sessions Workshop


Learning is way more fun with friends, right?

The social sessions are designed to accelerate your learning experience in way that is enjoyable, fun and engaging.

These mastermind sessions are small intimate groups that allow you to gain extensive knowledge and meet likeminded savvy ladies.

Spots are limited to ensure you get high value and walk out with an action plan.

VIP 1:1 Coaching


Do you want to learn about the fast-growing world of digital assets, but don’t have the time to spend hours researching?

Or you have time, but don’t know where to start?

The 1:1 learning experience is designed to help individuals who want to accelerate their learning curve. This hands-on experience helps savvy minds who are driven and motivated, to gain clarity on the potential of digital assets.

This program is highly limited and subject to availability.Please get in touch to find out more.

6 Week Instructor lead Intensive Blockchain Course


 Are you preparing for careers of the future?

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology are the future. What most people don’t know is that blockchain will be the technology that underpins the infrastructure.

This 7-module course that delivers an interactive learning experience designed to give you insights into the world of applied blockchain. 

Career Courses


Are you serious about a career in the blockchain industry?

Now is the perfect time to start and get ahead of the curve and future proof your career.

The accredited courses are pragmatic and designed around project work to allow students to gain valuable experience and demonstrate their competencies around each assessment task. These courses are non-technical coding courses.

What Clients Say

“Fast tracked my crypto learning curve”

“I would recommend this course for someone you have little or no experience in cryptocurrencies and wishes to start investing or getting involved. I enjoyed the applicable and practical elements the most; lecture 3 was my favourite, particularly when you shared the exchanges and experiences in setting up accounts etc. You share weeks/months worth of knowledge in the basics.”

Jani Simone

Gold Coast, Australia

“Great start for beginners”

“Easy to understand course to get to understand what crypto and blockchain is about. I already knew a little bit about cryptocurrency before I started but I learn some important tips like how to keep my investment safe”
Malena Correa

Brisbane, Australia

“Even non-technical people can learn”

Computers and I generally don’t get along and I was hesitant to get involved with cryptocurrency because my computer skills are not the best. However, Danielle walked me through it step by step and made it easy and fun to learn.

Aaron Woods

Brisbane, Australia


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